City: Amsterdam
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Inter - Global Lotto
Scam, Netherlands

I recieved this letter and a check for $1,995 the end of November. It said that i had won $120,000 US. I was skeptical at first and just sat on my couch debating on whether i should do anything with it or not. After about an hour, I decided that i would call the number on the letter and see what they said. I got ahold of a man ...

Inter-Global Lotto
Inter-Global Sweepstakes Lottery - Free Lotto Promotion Program ripoff This company mailed a letter stating I had won a sum of money and after mailing the enclosed check for taxes I would receive a phone call on how I want to receive my winnings

This is a word for word letter I received from a "company" calling themselves Inter-Global Lotto. Congratulations!!! Final Notification We are pleased to inform you of the release today, the 6th of November, 2006., the results of Inter-Global Sweepstakes Lottery/Free Lotto Promotion Program held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on ...