City: Amsterdam
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First National Bank
Money making scheme

The atm swallow my card when I report it inside the say my card is cancelled I have ti aply for n new one. They didn't say why its canselled. Just say they will order n new one but in the mean time will give me a temporary card. R70 for the temp card and then a nother R70 for the new one. I am n pensioner and don't have money ...

Bad Food

This is the worst restaurant. The meat is salty to the point of having to drink plenty of water. And it is NOT real roast beef. I am Jewish and deli roast beef does not taste like this. You get what you pay for. A deli meal can cost plenty at the NY deli restaurants but you get a sandwich with the real stuff and plenty of ...

Awful service

This company has the worst customer service I ever saw in my life. They send you completely wrong products - different color and texture than you order. When you try to return it, they write you that it can not be any mistakes in orders, they ask you to send photos of wigs several times and they never exchange or return them. ...

Yeah, they really do LIE

Man, I wish I would've seen your post before I told my parents to switch to these idiots. My poor dad does nothing but work and he's an iron worker, risking his life everyday to, dish out money to a service that is far from worth st. The guy who installed it lied to me and said that even if you go over your data your speed ...