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Dropped connections

I have emailed this company more times in the past 2 years than I can count about how many times I have lost connectivity. They always blame the weather or my equipment, neither of which is true; except during torrential down pours. Just recently I decided to count the dropped connections. Results: 7 drops in 17 days. I ...

Tnt Express
No post received

Dear team, On the 15th of of may 2014 i was sent some documents and some panty socks from the Netherlands. The post office that was used is TNT post in Amsterdam on the Rietwijkerstraat 1059 VW Amsterdam. The receipt serie number 4031413200078429 18 euro was paid for sending this, and they said it will take 10 working days for ...

I got scamed

I ordered lenses 2 month ago from site... They shiped it from brasil... And got defective one, contacted them and told them that they are defective and ALEX reply me after 2 weeks of waiting to send them back to CYPRUS and they will send me new pair I have send them as he requested and lost 80 euros for lenses 20 euros for ...