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Derma Lift Laboratories
Derma Lift cosmetics

I bought a bottle of the product called Derma Lift and they started taking money from my Debit account each month, $85.00 which was never authorized by me, I in turn had to close my Bank account which was really inconvenient to me and when I called them they told me I did authorize them to take out money each month. I have a ...

The one bag rule!

Yes caught for 55 euro again Good old esdy jet customer service discrimination, Ladies with suit case and hand bag no problem Gent with suitcase and small bag =55euro extra charge I mean even ryanair saw the error of their ways and amended the rules, Whats more being first in the line I had to watch the discrimination ...

Avas Flowers
Worst experience ever!

I ordered flowers to be sent to my wifes place of business 3 days prior to Valentines Day for "after 3 pm". She works second shift so I thought it was a good time so the people leaving for the day would get to see them as well as the people coming in... As of almost 9 pm there was NOTHING! And the worst part is I couldn't get ...