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Meaningful Beauty
Limited instructions

I recieved my package with confusing instructions, it said it had a bathroom friendly routine insert. I called and explained I didn't receive it, the CSR said she would send. I receive full sheets of instructions, not what resembled the pic at all. I called to cancel explaining I needed instructions and was told I could use in ...

Bank Of America
Withdrawal Fee -Bank oF America

On Friday April 30th Geico withdraw $177.00 out of my account. My account was already low on funds. So now there was a $-177.00 dollars in my account, Bank of America usually waits a day before adding a withdrawal fee however since it was Friday, I am assuming they added the fee to avoid the weekend. So today I called BOA to ...

National Tax Relief
Scam Artists! Do not use!

My father's company wasn't doing well, and we owed the IRS money. This company called, promising that they could help us and we paid them $8000! Not only did they not ever get in touch with us, they did nothing to help us out, AND we got a call from the IRS themselves saying that they were going to hold my father personally ...

Auto Transport 123
Violated Contract, Rude, Costly

Do not use this service While the initial customer service representative sounded polite and prided the company of their “professionalism, small, and family owned and operated company.” I can tell you this was the furthest thing from the truth. The representative lured us into signing the contract by assuring us that the ...