City: Barrington
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Payout is extremely difficult

I have been trying to receive my funds (1303.00) and according to Tradesy, this funds will be released if I submit my social security or government ID. Im not in the habit of providing my social security and have tried (unsuccessfully) to upload my government identification. I have failed to upload, several servers have been ...

Worst Customer Service EVER

I have never had an issue before but I will never buy another product from them ever again. My shirt was promised to be in by 4/20 since I have a conference I needed to bring the shirt to. When I did not receive it I called and learned that it wasn't even sent out due to the fact that theyre machines were down last week. So I ...

Unblock those aisles!

The aisles in the Health and Beauty section are almost always blocked by employees stocking the shelves. Yes, I know this has to be done, but every aisle? I have, on a number of occasions, gone to the customer service desk to express my dismay. I am sure that the message is passed along to the store manager but I am convinced ...

Bait and switch

Our time had a special but when I signed up for it they took more money out of my bank account than in they were contracted to. When I fought it at my bank they kept the money and wouldn't allow me access to my account. Eventually my bank won after months and I got my money back. There is no customers service option to file a ...

Joyces Choices
Hate the "new" mail system

This new mail system is very slow, and cumbersome.; hate it so much. It is hard to read and is very small print also. I like the other one better. I wish I could go back to the old one or else I'll just leave yahoo mail. No choice, the mail just changed formats. I try to open up the mail and it just circles and circles. Mail ...