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Eurotech Football Centre Ltd UK
Fantastic Academy

I have just come across a complaint regarding Eurotech Football Academy in the UK. Let me start by saying that the content detailed is totally and utterly untrue. My boy attended Eurotech Academy for nearly 18 months from 2014 to late 2015 and he enjoyed the experience hugely and although his dream of being a soccer player was ...

Overcharged Fees

Overcharged fees when Ebay said no fees for picture gallery they charged not once but twice. They never allowed for sale or non sale as buyer did not pay We were supposed to get a final resulution fee but when contacted they said item did not exist They owe over $40 from our Charity Rainbow Bridge. We have tried to contact Ebay ...

The Lending Company
THEY said yes to me, for a car, i had the car for a month then they said NO and took the car back before i even had paid my first payment

I applied for a car. I drove 160 miles round trip. Filled in forms and left with my nice c4 vtr plus. Meanwhile a week later id been sacked from my job as a coach driver. I HAD a feeling this might happen. SO id already GOT NEW Employment, i sent all the new info confirming my new employment, wages number of hours worked ect ...