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I ordered goods at the beginning of July 10. By September still not goods arrived and so I asked for a refund. As of yet I have not received my goods and they have not refunded my money. They are now ignoring my emails and are not returning my my book this is fraud and plain and simple theft. I will be reporting them ...

Loanfinder UK

Hey, i was looking into requesting a loan online and came across this site i filled in a form for some information but i didnt ever click on the apply for a loan button and was just looking, the company the proceeded to take £47.87 out of my bank account without permission as i have not been accepted for a loan as i didnt ...

Elcell Communications Ltd
E_cell, Does not despatch goods to customers when sales are of a higher value - No satisfactory response to enquiries!

Elcell Communications Ltd use eBay as their main platform to conduct sales. Their website contact information guides potential customers to their eBay pages and it is clear to see that a good percentage of e_cell (eBay ID) business is drummed up through this auction site. Because they have a good feedback rating I chose to ...