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Cell C
Cell Phone in for Repairs

Dear Sir/Madam This is just to say thank you for carry out my request that I submitted to you last week Friday. I have now had my matter resolved and Cell C Blue Route will be issuing me with a new handset to replace my handset that went missing at the store. Thank you once again for your assistance. ...

Protect our children

When parents take their kids to movies or for that matter when kids go alone, we unfortunately have to trust the age restrictions published with movies. That's fine and it's up to us whether we want to trust those guidelines. However, what I want to know is why Ster Kinekor insists on screening trailers for movies that are far ...

Computer Mania

The staff at Computer Mania in Tokai couldn't be nicer. They are computer geeks with a difference - they care about the customer, look you in the eye and have a great sense of humour. Last week, the manageress and all three guys at the front desk went above and beyond to help and they got a well deserved sale. I would highly ...