City: Blue Route
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Staff help elderly lady in distress

On the 13th November at 1:30pm I was waiting for my food from Wimpy in the Blue Route Mall. An elderly lady came in quite flustered asking if she could get a cup of water please as her friend another elderly lady was not well and she had sat her down on the outside chairs. The staff member on the till Brenda told the lady that ...

Vodacom INCORRECTLY blacklisted my phone

I lost my phone, tried to blacklist it in November for Insurance purposes and have been told my phone was already blacklisted in August by Vodacom for bad debt! My service provider Altech Autopage have tried to find out the details of the blacklisting, only to discover they have blacklisted the IMEI number (of my phone) against ...

Rude and incompetent

I have never been spoken to by any sales person the way I was spoken to at Vodacom Blue route, when asked to speak to the manager he was not there and when I asked to speak to the owner nobody knows who it is and nobody knows his name, I only wish whoever owns the Vodacom Shop in blue route knows what is going on in his shop ...