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Sage Driving School
Didn't "learn" anything.

I went to Sage Truck Driving School back in 2004 in Blackfoot, Idaho. The people were nice enough but it was really kind of a joke, I had been driving a strait truck for years prior to this but never any 18 wheel, after the class I still can't back one of those suckers up (let's say to a loading dock) to save my life! You ...

Fedex billed the wrong person

I sent an envelope from a person to another person and marked on the FEDEX Express paper at section "payment bill to " RECIPIENT and required a signature at delivery. They took the signature from the delivery but FAILED TO COLLECT THE MONEY at delivery point but TOOK THE MONEY FOR THEIR SERVICE FROM A BUSINESS ACCOUNT INSTEAD ...

Haute Polish
Poor quality product

It take 4 coats of some colors. Color sheet in kit is not the color you get. Final products, is a flat finish when dry, and there is no clear top coat for shine available. Not new to gel polish so i know the process. It remains slightly sticky despite following all instructions. After having to call and get my 2 free colors ...

Dish Network

I was a customer for years until we had to move. We pay our bills on time, that is what we do. I let them know that we had to cancel the service because we did not know if we would live in an apartment or for how long. After the usual retaining spiel, I decided to cancel because our Dish equipment is old, starting new we would ...