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Bonitas pmb

On 14/01/2015 I called Bonitas about a PMB account from June 2014 that they have not paid. I was told that the account would be transferred to the PMB department and I will have a response after 15 working days. On 05/02/2015 I call Bonitas for feedback and they have none to give even though the 15 working days in over. And ...

Unfair Termination of membership

Unfortunately I had the misfortune of having a debit order returned in November and didnt realise until later. On 04/12/2014 I sent an e-mail to creditcontrol asking them to arrange for the outstanding debit orders to go off on 15/12/2014. I received the automated reply with the "we are working on your query". I have never ...

Still awaiting response

On the 3rd of November I placed a hello peter complaint regarding an application for medical cover I requested the 21st of October. I was called back by an agent handling hellopeter complaints. Can that person please get back to me. I did not receive your contact number, and you where supposed to have called me back by Monday ...

Feedback and great attitude

Fortune's excellent service still surprised me, after battling with my company's medical aid consultant I thought It will take weeks to be re-instated to Bonitas. Fortune gave me feedback within 24 hours and his attitude was pleasent and warm. I'm a happy Bonitas Client and I say He must continue Shining... ...

Fed up with Bonitas double standard

On 11 August 2014, I submitted a claim for a detailed anomaly scan on baby. This scan was done based on a referral by one of the Bonitas in-network OB/GYNs. I phoned Bonitas on 13 August 2014, to confirm receipt of documents upon which I was informed that the claims section received my information but the banking details ...