City: Bryanston
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Standard Bank
Poor Customer Service

Standard Bank Bryanston. Too frequently, this branch does not answer their calls. (011) 510 1928 Then calling the main STD Bank customer line 0860101341, they too can not get through. (no answer from branch) This forces me to go to the branch to collect change for my business, without knowing that they will have sufficient ...

Fault not being actioned

Please attend to the fault on my line. I have logged the issue January 30. I have tried to escalate it through your web portal, but it does not want to take the fault # I was given (1250CRK300115) I tried to shorten it to just the last part - 300115 - but pressing the submit button just disables it without any further ...

Chicken Licken
Wrong order

I just had a frustrating experience at the Bryanston Chicken Licken. I will cut the story short here because I really shouldn't be writing such emails during MY working hours! The multitasking at the drive thru windows really need to be re-looked. Someone got my order wrong at the drive thru and I only realized when I was ...