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Permanently collected - road to blacklist

I have realized that the more you deal with a call center the more you are given a run around. Today alone I called the Telkom mobile call center service on 081 180 and again ended on a dismal note. I have logged a request to have the three contracts I took out be billed separately as individual accounts. This resulting because ...

Tracker Connect
Poor Communication/Service

Unable to get to speak to one person, have been sending e-mails to several persons/accounts and spoken to numereous people still no sensible reply. I wanted to change my tracker system to a new car, but now I want to get rid of tracker in totally. Frustrated... Yes ...

Cell C
Im not happy with the service

I have been up and down with cell c about the call retrieval. I always tell u guys to call me on the 0796133382 and not on the cell c number as i only use it for data on the laptop. Can i please get assistance on my query as its been 2 months now following this query around. ...