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Disgusted! Frustrated!

I have over the last week tried to get through to MTN call centre agents on 808 from my MTN cellphone. When I get to 5-6min of holding it cuts me off. Then today I held for 24 minutes before Lerato answered my call. 24 MINUTES! What kind of customer service is that? Lerato informed me she could not help me and had to put me ...

Direct Axis
Pathetic Service

Called in today at 10:56 held on the line for about 10 minutes just to get put through to a RUDE consultant that doesn't know how to treat clients. Requested for certain information, she does not ask me to hold.instead just asks her colleague for the answer. To make it worse I then asked where on the document does one find this ...

Annoying/bad attitude/complain

Truworths is absolutely RIDICULOUS with this after hour calling procedure!!! After many conversations and notifications to the call centre/service centre of my account that WAS PAID wither it was late it still was paid. If the consultants / accounts department aren't able to allocate a payment from FNB to Truworths FNB account. ...