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Unresolved issues

I was on break last year May-Jul ever since I've returned to complete my studies in August there were NO assistance from anybody. I kept on phoning, at least twice a week, trying to find somebody to assist. My tutor originally was Anton, but he has left, i was told that Whitney is my Tutor now, but I've never heard her voice. ...

M-net problems

I see M-Net is going up to R335.00 from 1st April 2015 yet we do not have a clear picture on our set. We got a new decoder and had an Installer to fit a new arial and we are still having problems with the picture so I am paying for a service I do not get plus the fact we are Pensioners! We cannot afford DSTV as my Husband wants ...

Ref No. 16850486 Gardens CPT

I already have a vodacom contract for a laptop (0714863450), my iphone 5 was last week so i decided to apply for a Iphone6 at vodacom instead of buying one for cash to build credit profil. I made my application on tuesday for an on wednesday i was told to bring my bank statement and left work early to do that and i was told i ...