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Cell C
Asked for a sim swop 3 days ago!

I purchased a new unrica'd sim card, my dad phoned on 25/02, and spoke to someone again on 26/02 and 27/02, for a sim swop. I waited as told before inserting the new sim card but it says initialisation failed. Is the new sim card also damaged or why is it taking so long??? I cannot contact 084 140 as have no airtime on my ...

5 stars

I was a little sceptic about placing an order especially after I had vetted the supplier on hellopeter and there seemed to be quite a few complaints about non-receipt of orders and claims of poor customer support thereafter.instead of placing the order I sent a short message via their website informing them why I had decided ...

Loan Finder Sa
Debit my account

Loanfinder sa debit R385 from my account on the 25feb I want my money payd back in my account asap please and I wana unsubscribe I'm then looking for a loan coz I need the cash but instead I'm being rob of R385 I'm not leaving it ther loanfinder sa wil here from my lawyer if my moneys not payd back in my account by monday. My ...