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Creditworx (S&V)
Poor service

Good morning, Could you please assist urgently, I settled my account and send proof of payment to this two emails ( and ). I spoke to the consultant to find out if hey received my email and she told me that Washiela is busy at that moment and will call me back. Account is settled on the 25/02/2015. On the 28/02/2015 i received ...

Vodacom is ridiculous

I b ought 2gig data at the beginning of the month. I use it on my phone, I don't download anything and don't do app upgrades, I use wifi to do that and my phone is setup to use wifi for all that. On the 17th I realised my whatsapp messages weren't going through, then I checked my balance, it was zero. Now every time I buy ...

Magic In The Box
Failed contact attempts/no delivery

I bought a bed via this company, paid for it on the 14th of Feb, today is the 28th of Feb. No delivery. Attempts to establish contact with them failed completely. The 010 020 2621 number never ever goes through and my e-mail are not being responded to. Someone help me with different contact details pls. This is a lot of money ...

No service!

The telephone line leading into my adsl jack is damaged. All that is needed is to cut the damaged line out and reattach the adsl jack (I assume no more than a 5 minute job). I have logged a ticket at telkom. That has now been 16 days ago. The first ticket was closed without even being attended to. I then phoned again and ...