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Standard Bank
Private banking

What are we paying for with Private Banking. It is such a rip off with no good service. Being a private baking client since November 2014, i was yet to receive my banking cards in February 2015!!! Very disappointing. Every facility applied took so long to apply for services which were ultimately not granted. Should the private ...

False advertising

Good day So I found the vodacom smart 4 turbo at bayside mall in tabelview vodacom shop. To my surprise they selling the phone for R1800 and this is the price at cape gate vodacom 4 U store so what happened to the advertise price of R1499 was this yet again a gimic to get customers in the shop and make them pay more. If the ...

Unethical business practice

I have a smart s contract whereby I receive 200 MB of data every month. I have two contracts and my monthly bill is just over R700.00, to my surprise I got an sms on 28 Feb from my bank notifying me of a R2500.00 deduction, I spent an hour holding for an operator then hung up and went to a Vodacom store, on many occasions my ...