City: Cape Town
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Poor Service

Maxidor did a quote for me on 1st October 2014 to replace all the burglar bars. I showed the salesperson a Maxidor gate which is about 3 years old and is now rusting. He said he will log a call for them to service it. When the new burglar bars were installed in mid November, the installers were completely unaware of this gate ...

Worst service in the world

For 5 years been using telkom internet there have not been 1 month that went past with out any internet problems. They dont come out to fix the problem then send message that service been restored and all is working now... What a load of Now try call them at service center you dont even get threw to an operator some story high ...

Old Mutual
Provident fund

I was retrenched by Ellerines in december and was promised I will get my provident fund in 6weeks. When I call the call center on Monday the lady told me they didn't receive my withdrawal form. I called again and spoke to a Kevin. He told me that the form was received and they need to apply for tax and then it will go for ...