City: Cape Town
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Deduction of funds from my account

Hello This company is deducting funds from my bank account without my permission. I have no idea who they are and calling their number (0215522005) has proved futile. A company known as MagiCall has done the same thing and they do not even have searchable contact details. I think these are the same as the R99.99 company ...

Ewc Express
Ewc express NOT express

A parcel left Cape Town 24 February 2015. Arrived Johannesburg 25 February. Left Johannesburg 25 February. Will only arrive in Polokwane 2 March. Got some sort of explanation of an "agent" that can only deliver on Monday? I told the person at client services that it was not really good service (taking longer from Jhb to ...

Standard Bank
Standard bank cannot update details

For two years now I've been asking standard bank to update my address details. I have also asked them to change the language on my statements from afrikaans to english. After two years - TWO YEARS!!! I still have to go to my old address for post which is still in afrikaans. I have been to the bank numerous times to update this ...