City: Carlswald
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Spur Steak Ranches
Ad customer service

I stay in midrand and a big Spur fan my partner and I went to Spur carlswald Saturday the 28 feb around 19:00 the lady at the door sitted us gave us the menu and left us for about 15minutes without assisting us, we then decided to leave because no one was attending to us. We went to Centurion All im saying is you need to treat ...

Spur Steak Ranches
Ottomless thursday

We went to spur in carlswald last night and we ordered the bottomless thursday special. We ate and finished the food knowing that we are going to get another ribs again. To our suprise, when we ordered, the waiter kukie told us that we cant order again... We paid for that speacial but in actuall fact we never received it. Had ...

Mr Price
Shocking service

I am here to collect an online order, NORMALLY I walk up to a teller and they serve me immediately. Not today!!! Some useless teller holding 2 items tells me to wait in a queue as long as my arm. 2 teller Los are working at peak hour lunch time. The teller with nothing to do looks at the queue and promptly disappears. Shocking ...

First National Bank
Money still not in my account

On the 23rd of Jan I bought stuff at pick n pay with my fnb card and at tge tills it said it's declined but money was deducted from my account. I went to fnb filled in a dispute form last week Monday and gave it in to Tsipulo and he said he gave it to Simon to do. Till today money hasn't been reversed and it's still seating in ...