City: Centurion
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Spur Steak Ranches
Spur service

On Thursday we went to Spur Centurion Mall to have the Ribs - eat as much as you can. We were four (4) people. The waiter served us the Ribs and drinks. After a while we requested the second round of ribs. This was when the waiter disappeared. We waited for 25 minutes, however the waiter never pitched up again. No one asked if ...

Virtus Financial Services
Payout of Shares

On the 9th of February 2015 I called and spoke to a a Rose from Wealthnet. I kindly requested that Wealthnet pays out my shares because of an emergency. They asked me to fill out a form. When I asked when will they pay me out they said they don't know. I called them again on the 26th of Feb and they still don't know. When you ...

Thanks for a great attitude!

I would like to thank the consultant of teller 11 for his professionalism and assistance on Saturday morning, 21 February 2015. The consultant is showing a great care to customers and thanks to his assistance, an overdue amount of bank charges was transferred back to my account on Monday! I am happy to note that there are ...

Outstanding personal loan

I have an outstanding personal loan with Nedbank. I'm in a position to start paying again. My account has been handed over and I don't know who to pay because I have been contacted by three different collectors. The last collector has been giving me missed calls then immediately sending smses confirming I have made payment ...