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Suspending Services - due to their Erro

As a Nashua Mobile member for 16 years - with MTN as my service provider, I have never missed a payment and never had any issues. Nashua handed my account to MTN end of November when they closed - and I was assured it would be business as usual. I never received an account in December and no debit order collected. I notified ...

Virgin Active South Africa
Why am I paying twice?

Why do I have to keep paying a "joining fee" when I am already a member? I am a member of Virgin Active, i changed from Liberty to Discovery and have been told that I must pay the joining fee again. It is R1225 per person (my wife and myself) I am the same customer and would like to remain a loyal customer to Virgin Active but ...

Im soo off

I ordered my food 19:21 p. M last nite 25.02.2015 at century city KFC, and we ended up being a bunch of people waiting for our orders, the lady which was giving out food named Cleo took so long as one lady decided to get her money back as she ordered wings at 19:00 and it was already 19:45, people started shouting and manager ...

Disgusting, i call this

I Took out a contract with Mtn in november, which was a 2nd line, I tell the consultant that I wanted the r499 package for the iphone 6... 3 months later I notice im being billed r150 more every month an I dont use the sim, The sim was never in the phone as I use prepaid sim... Only to find out that the consultant gave me a ...