City: Charleston
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High fees, high pressure

Had problem with rats and squirrels in attic, then a raccoon.initial rep had left company and after three weeks of calls to office in Atlanta, i finally got in touch with the new one. Found out the coon wasn't covered and additional charges to trap and fumigate were over $800. Never caught the coon and i asked him to put trap ...

Visiting Angels
No Clinet to Care Fo

When I was hired by Visiting Angels I though I was hired to care for my client, and there needs. After a while my client was leaving the house and being gone for my entire shift. When I contacted my office I was told that was fine, I was to go ahead and clean there house and take care of there cats. They said at least I did ...

The absolute worst

Lies, excessive fees. Once they they get your money your on your own. Mislead people on rewards and or perks. Resort smells like mold. I wouldn't give me worst enemy a timeshare with this company defiantly lie or try to confuse people with their high pressure sale tactics. Say its and one time offer when in fact it isn't you ...