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Sears Home Delivery is Unreliable

I ordered a bed two months ago, but they only arrange a time to deliver a product the evening before. I scheduled for the weekend and had to pay an additional fee. When they called to schedule a time they didn't give me a choice on times because they had a "full delivery that day" so I was automatically given a time that ...


On Saturday June 22,2013, I placed an order for a Nikon D5100 camera from the primotronix online store. My mother authorized the purchase with her credit card. They invoiced the order on July 3rd. I received a camera package with a lens, battery, tripod, card reader, SD card and a Nikon D5100 camera body on July 11th. The ...

Auto Renew

People next time, use a gift visa card to avoid auto renew. It is so annoying when these site force people to be lifetime subscribers Whenever I am signing to any of the dating website or even buying stuff on line it is on rare cases I use my visa card. I always buy a gift card and use it for my online purchase. Avoid giving ...