City: Cosmo City
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Builders Superstore
Horrific service

Bought paving material on Friday promise it will be delivered on Monday, Monday only half material was delivered, promised it will be delivered Tuesday nothing happen today, when I phone they promised they will deliver first thing in the morning cause the is late but the goods are been loaded, Wednesday waited with my ...

Price 'n Pride
Viva price n pride viva!

Good day team On the 16/12/2014 i went to this mall buy a base set at OK furnirture because i had been their client for almost six years, current i have an existing account which i wanted to settle off and take base set on account, the cashier told me i cannot help you to pay you must go to van der walt church street pta where ...

Builders Warehouse
Poor Customer Service

I am so disappointed with the service that I'm getting from Builders warehouse Cosmo City. I bought material on the 06/12/2014 and I was promised that it will be delivered on the 07/12/2014 and it was not delivered. I've been trying to contact them with no success, all the time when I call they just put the phone on hold and I ...