City: Customer Call Centre
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Terrible service

I came home today to find my DSTV subscription disconnected. I called The call centre, they say I owe R1000 and some change. I spoke to the lady (Jabulile) for an hour trying to explain to her that according to my statement I don't owe any money. Eventually she said that he supervisor will call me back which obviously didn't ...

SA Post Office
Useless / No service

I called the Customer Call Centre 0860111502 on 27 January 2015 at 13:30 and was kept on hold until 14:10 - for 40 minutes!!! All I kept hearing was a voice telling me how "important" my call was, that their agents were "busy" and that they will "endevour" to answer my call as soon as possible. Well, I don't know with what they ...

Standard Bank
A brilliant Bank!

It's not often one can compliment someone in this day and age. I really received optimal service, friendliness and a high level of professionalism from your staff. Being a client for over 25 years, makes me proud! Well done Standard Bank, you rule whilst others merely attempt to follow. Have a blessed Christmas! ...


A few weeks ago my thank you card was and I received such terrible service from the Edgards branch in Pavilion trying to replace the card that I subsequently wanted to cancel the service all together. I was told that I could not replace the card with my passport and affidavit after I was initially informed to call into the ...