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Direct Tv
Losing signal

Being a DIRECTV customer, I have grown quite annoyed that every time there is any type of inclement weather, I lose my satellite signal for an undisclosed amount of time (some times shortly / other times could be as long as weather is around). I understand if there is a time when a severe storm is present, but it will go out if ...

Price differences

Online quotes compact 1 day at 34.99 get there 10 minutes later like how bout $72? How bout Fri yup that's it when the net says otherwise. They are using church/republican politics against those that of course witnessed the OKC Bombing. Its all abuse of those that are law abiding. I know one review is not enough to stop the ...

Rotors out of round after only 13,000 miles

I had vibration under braking and I only have 13,000 miles on a 2013 F-150. The dealer told me all four rotors are out of round and need to be turned. The "bumper-to-Bumper" warranty doesn't say anywhere that rotors aren't covered by the warranty but the dealer said they weren't. I called Ford Corporate. They started out ...