City: Debt Collection
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Standard Bank

Since the middle of 2014 I have received many unsolicited calls from Standard Bank debt collection and credit card department. I have received more than 10 phone calls since Monday, 8 February 2015, from them all in connection with my ex-husband's unpaid credit card and loans. I have been divorced from Francis Barker since 8 ...

MBD Attorneys
MBD Unprofessional

When I called Game to enquire about my outstanding account I was informed that it was handed to MBD and I was supplied with a number. Finding this out I had to go into my mail ISP to access the automatic spam filter in which I found many emails marked as Spam by Google itself, with the last 2 demanding R400.19 as instalment. I ...

Standard Bank
Mistaken Identity

Standard Bank keep pestering me with text messages and telephone calls regarding the credit card of mr WN Kruger. When I explain that I am not WN Kruger (he worked for me 7 years ago) they promise to delete my number from the database. It never happens. When I ask to speak to a supervisor or line manager, the call is dropped. ...

Blake & Associates
Lack of integrity

I was handed over for debt collection to Blake and Associates from FNB for bad payment on my FNB Cheque account overdraft. Blake & Associates contacted me after 7pm at night to make arrangements which i arranged for a debit order to go through and be paid off within 5 months. I made the last payment on the 25 June 2014 and when ...