City: Durbanville
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Selling cars that don"t exist

Made an appointment with Martin to view a car advertised on Gumtree, but every time you ask to view there is a story. An appointment was made but of course nobody showed. Another stupid story like: I had an emergency but not telling what emergency. Please Gumtree buyers stay away from Wheelsandmore as they don't exist in the ...

Bad Service

On Friday the 20th of February 2015 I went to KFC Durbanville. I ordered the 8 piece family treat. When I got at home to serve the food, I saw that they didn't put in the chips. I drove back to KFC the get the chips. When I told the lady she forgot to put in the chips, she want to gave me regular chips instead of large chips ...

Doves Funerals Insurance
Poor Service

My mother has a funeral policy with Dove Funeral Services which is underwritten by Union Life. Well she was notified in Jan 2015 that her policy has lapsed due to non payment in Dec 2014 AND also due to the fact that she did not pay her premium in Dec 2013. Now this I don't understand and how the can you cancel a policy ...


The agents working at Landlords are extremely unprofessional. When I got my finances in order to buy a new home the following happened. 1. Landlord agent never pitched up for viewing. 2. OTP was done incorrectly several times due to lack of information regarding home owner. 3. Bank and attorneys was unable to get in touch with ...