City: East Brunswick
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Banfield Pet Hospital

After 2 weeks of calling I finially got the number to the crematory I was beyond devastated when they told me that our family cat Paris was NOT coming back to us b/c Banfield marked it not private! This was my husbands and I's first animal and we loved him dearly as did our two young kids we have never had to put an animal down ...

Kay Jewelers
Never buy from Kay Jewelers

My boyfriend at the time bought me a white gold and diamond necklace. He was not sure if I would like it or not so he asked if it could be returned with the receipt and the woman said yes. He was paying cash and asked if he could get cash if he had to return it. They said yes it's no problem. The necklace didn't suit me so we ...

Guardian Warranty Corp
Guardian Warranty Rip Off

Do not buy a warranty from this company. Horrible service. First they denied my claim, then they decided they would pay it a week later. When it came time to pay for the claim, they stated that were not going to pay for all of it. I have been fooling with these jokers for three weeks, the issues are still not resolved, ...