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Amazon stole my money

I sold a book on on Feb 15,2011 under order number (104-8637594-3794640). After three months and 18 days, the message I received on June 03,2011 through amazon says the buyer did not receive the shipment. I replied on the same day that this is unacceptable claim according to amazon policy. According to Amazon policy ...

Vespias Goodyea

My spark plug blew while driving past Vespias; I was in a bind, pulled in and they told me what I needed done. They did the work, I rented a car and the next day I went to pick it up. The car ran great for about 2 days and then things started going wrong. I thought it was my battery so I brought the car to my regular mechanic. ...

Tropicana Diet Orangeade

Yet again another Pepsi product discontinued. Many, many people can not drink carbonated beverages due to health reasons. This was a great drink, no sugar, no caffeine, no carbonation. So what does Pepsi do, they discontinue making it. Maybe if they advertized the product more people would be aware of the benefits over ...

Sierra Mist
Sierra Mist Diet Cranberry Splash

Discontinued product. This was a seasonal product around the year end holidays. Maybe if Coca-Cola advertized Sierra Mist diet Cranberry Splash or stocked more on the shelves it would have become more popular. Those of us who can't have sugar or caffeine really loved this product. Even when it was available the shelves were ...

Cricket Wireless
Cricket cell phone orde

I ordered a cell phone from cricket online oct 27th 2011 it is now nov 6th 2011 and the phone is still not activated I have made a ton of calls to them and they tell me to wait 24 to 48 hrs I did that 3 times still nothing no activation yet, We need to get a class action lawsuit against these people that rip us off, I am so ...