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Acs Pre Owned
Ad after sale service

I bought the car from him on the 3rd of February, i was told the car will be registered with traffic department and will get the licensin disc as well as number platets within a week. Almost a month later i have not recieved the disc and the permit he gav3 me has expired. When i call him he is shauting at me, telling me that i ...

Hyundai South Africa
No Warrenty

I bought a ford figo october at hyndai n before month end it gave me a problem i took it back the for repair it, again it gave me the same problem i took it back to them for the second time, and for the 3rd time i took it back to hyndai where it took 3 weeks for them to fix my car and now it gave me a problem i took it to ford ...

Benoni Adsl Line not worth fixing?

After many years of paying my hard earned cash to Telkom i have had ENOUGH. The last few years i thought i would go through Afrihost to manage my line since dealing with Telkom is to much of a nightmare. Afrihost has been just as useless as you, you get incompetent people to manage your Lines. They opened a ticket with you to ...