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Mobstub - Unable to return a wrong size

I purchased 3 pairs of rubber sandals from above company. I was unaware of their no exchange/no return policy until i received the shoes. I have purchased from them in the past and was very happy with my bracelet purchase however. When i ordered these sandals i wasn't sure of the size or heel height. When i received them they ...

Burger King
The Invisible Family

Walked into Apple Glen Burger King to get some french fries for my children after seeing a movie. Stood behind one customer waiting at counter for over five minutes. Customer in front of us walked out without being waited on. Stood there for another couple of minutes making eye contact with crew members in back with no ...

Home Depot
Dissatisfied with Online Purchase

I purchased an expensive Toro mower three weeks ago, it was shipped in from out of state, delivered to a Toro dealer, not Home Depot, for assembly and delivery. The dealer only delivers Tuesday and Friday from 9-12. They could care less since I did not purchase the mower from them. They will not allow me to come and pick it up ...

Cancelling my service

I called Monotonics on 4-23-15 to cancel my service. They tried to sell me on moving to another product, while we were talking the call dropped off. I called three weeks later to ask them not to charge my credit cards, and was told to call back. I did not call. When the time comes, they charged my cridet card, and refused to ...