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Complaint-review: Figi Brands, LLC - Figi Brands

Figi Brands, LLC
Figi Brands

Figi Brands is the brainchild of two ordinary guys who over the years have amassed a various collection of nagging aches and pains earned while playing youth sports, adult softball, sitting in middle seats of commercial aircraft, raising a family and many more activities which are too numerous to mention. One night as we were ...

Monarch Dental
Be careful, dental fraud

Monarch dental billed my insurance provider twice for the same service. The insurance provide paid, then they billed again. In lieu of contacting me, they sent as a debt to a credit collector. Monarch dental has ruined my credit and could card less. I have made several attempts to contact the company which have been met with ...

ABF Freight System
ABF Aggressive reckless drive

On 6-19-2015 around 2 AM in Nashville, TN An ABF driver pulling doubles was speeding in the left lane, tailgating and flashing his lights at me just because I had to slow down while my vehicle was slightly hydro-plaining as a result of heavy rain and water pooling on the road. The wagon he was pulling was weaving left and right ...

ProBio Slim

Cancelled bank card after reading these posts... One of these days I'll learn that nothing on the internet comes free. I haven't tried it but even if it works I can't afford it. This is the 2nd time I've been caught in a scam like this with some sort of free anti-aging cream with only postagr being paid by me. I should have ...

Lobel Financial
Artist and Rip off

Ought car from potamkin in 2002 fin with lobel went to pick up vehicle was damaged was advised dealer was to do buy back. Got payroll today check was being garnished went into marshall office with paper from 2002 stated I was servered never served house was burned down no notice have been working for years and now they come ...