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Orchard Bank
Too many charges

My wife is an avid reader. She reads 3-5 books a day and has 5 e-readers. She downloads 8-10 books at a time. We were on vacation and they are trying to call us because of a flux in usage on the card. My wife had downloaded 12 books charging orchard bank. They were not expensive books - light romances that she could read in ...

Ajacked up phone

Update... Nothing has been resolved... Still expecting to be out more trouble than it was worth, and will have no chance of ever keeping my credit score up, bc of their TRICKERY &RIPP OFFS!!! I really dunno what else to add, except that they keep calling me 24/7 i don't answer bc it does no good, they are in the right and won't ...

Ashley Furniture

Leather is coming off recliner i would like my money back or chair replaced and im unhappy with the chair because of it and rent a center said it shouldnt be coming apart and have no idea why its coming apart and cant tell me why or give me ashley furniture phone number i had to have the back sent away and fixed and now i have ...

Wesley Berry Flowers
Wesley berry = scam

I couldn't AGREE more with everyone on this site. This company, by whatever name, is a total sham and I'm not actually sure ANYONE actually has received flowers from them. I found them off a Google search under the name Flower Delivery Express but the same dishonest people behind that are also under Wesley Berry flowers and ...