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Sellers beware

Unfortunately this company does not treat sellers right. Just like Amazon, they take advantage of small sellers that have no recourse against them and allow buyers to get away with a lot. If a buyer as much as claims that the seller did something wrong, they treat the seller very badly and will not try to work with the seller ...

Unprofessional and rude.

When the phlebotomist first came into the room, he criticized me for looking nervous. He was sarcastic and obnoxious to me before I'd even said a word to him. When he decided to speak to me again, he asked what I did for a living. I told him I was currently unemployed and he told me I was making excuses for not finding a job ...

Satvatove Institute
Look Again.

I went to both the foundational and the advanced courses, several years apart. Giving me time to think and process. I am an intelligent and informed consumer, and have had experience of many forms of counselling and psychotherapy, and I found the Satvatove community to offer supportive and effective group work. The main ...