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Economy Dentures
Bad customer service

I called regarding scheduling an appt. To have a tooth removed once i was ask what kind of insurance i had andi stated it was medicaid i was treated very rudely. I asked about would it be a long waited she then stated its just like shands hosiptal so ill have to wait first come first served. Her attitude was not needed nor was ...

Papa Johns Pizza

Shittier ingredients. Shittier pizza. Papa Johns. They have the audacity to still call their pizza better when it has clearly gone down the drain. The pizza is nowhere NEAR how it used to be when this company first started out. I just ordered a pizza and cheesy sticks after not eating Papa Johns for months. I thought I was ...

Rooter Plus
They told me a LIE!

I called to have Rooter plus come out to my home and the lady on the phone said that she would send someone out the next day. She told me that they would ask me before doing anything. Well they showed up not on time first of all i told them it had to be after 12:00 they said ok and showed up to my house at 8:30. Started ...