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Mr Price

I work in a retail store. If a customer has used a debit card when purchasing, when she comes back, it is recommended that you give the customer her cash back or offer a gift card but not to use the eft again. This is the second time now, the first time I didnt get my money back and today when i went to credit some of the ...

Sunglass Hut
Sunglass hut is my money

Credit not passed on my account and nobody can sort it out. I still have to pay for something I dont have. If I dont pay they hand me over but I have a credit note to prove that I returned the product. So why do I still have to pay? Its been 2 months and its still the same. Called the call center on sunday and they said it will ...

Poor Service

On Sunday I had purchased a dress for my daughter for her matric dance. Firstly the cashier was very rude when showed a defect on the first dress but i purchased it. Whilst in the store another dress was chosen which had a difference of r50 which the cashier, quiet irritated, refused to exchange but eventually did. On Tuesday ...

Aggressive Bullies for Staff

My fiance and I decided to treat ourselves to a movie. After standing in line for over 40 minutes we eventually made it to the the front. Why have you only opened every 3rd POS on a a busy Saturday night? The cashier flashed us her discolored piece of chewing gum and asked " wat u waaant" she found my shock rather amusing. I ...