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Chubb Fire & Security
No Response!

September 2014, Chubb phoned me and offered me a package with all included. Now I got a bill with the monthly amount for monitoring and armed response. This amount is paid monthly via debit order. But the invoice now also include an amount for 2616.63. This is apparently the installation cost. I was told at the original sell ...

Totally Dissatisfying Service

I am really disappointed with the service I received from groupon. I paid for tickets to the homemakers expo that is happening this weekend and still have not received my tickets. I have tried calling in several times but no one is willing to assist. My reference number is GRPZARWNIGCN. Today their phone lines are closed and I ...

Law Credit
Incompetent bad service

On Friday 06 Feb 2015 at 11:51 I sent an email addressed to and regarding account #1329006710 as I wanted to make an arrangement for making payments towards this account. When contacting the call centre asking to speak to Kyle, the receptionist would put me through seemingly the line would be cut off intentionally. Got the ...

Standard Bank
Verification of Funds

I received money on my standard bank account that i dont use often and been waiting for standard bank to verify the money forever, i have people and debts to pay and its just taking too long, they have all the details to verify. I regret using this account to receive the money as my business partner has a standard bank business ...

Cell C
Sim swap not done since 5 days now

I have called and reported my phone and it was a contract with cell c. I do not have another number to use and have advised them to contact my husband. They called him but refuse to take any information as the contract is on my name. I then gave Bongani in the sim swap department my colleges contact number and advised him he ...