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Incompentent staff

On the 25.02.2015 I purchased R15 airtime from my fnb account, I am signed up for wow bonus so if I use 8 or more I am entiled to R200 airtime and 100MB of data, I received the airtime but didn't receive and data then again I filled in R10 airtime on the same day around 9.00am still didn't receive my wow bonus, called the mtn ...

Pathetic lack of service

I recently had a technical issue for which I contacted Webmail Support. This was around the 16th of January 2015. The only response I received was a request for my password so that Support could access my account to investigate. After 3 days I'd had no response - tried again. Same response - please send password. After a 3rd ...

Jabba Connect
New faulty cell phone

I have returned a brand new faulty Asia 300 unit to JABA CONNECT on the 11 December 2014. Today is the 25th of February 2015 JABA CONECT has not once cal me to inform me what the status of the faulty unit is. I did not with hold any monthly payment. This is very poor service. I called to follow up in January 14 and I was ...

My "Service" provider!

Very disappointed in the service received! Received an account for December of R1500- which was double my normal amount, figured it might be possible as I was on holiday and did not have the luxury of free Wifi at the office as I normally do, so I left it. However my statement for January was R4100 (Never over R800, except for ...