City: Georgetown
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Pandora Jewelry
Broken white daisy clips

I bought both of the white daisy clips last year May 2014, and the petals drop off in November 2014. I complaint to the store manager from Gurney Plaza Penang, Malaysia since last year. But she can't do anything even I called to Joanna training manager in KL. And then I ask Ms Janice she suggest me to send u this email hope ...

Pizza Hut
Georgetown, KY pizza hut employs drug users

I went to pick up a friends pizza and as I was pulling around the building, a server named Gabbie was smoking drugs out of a pipe. Pretty sure it was not tobacco because she also had a cigarette. I contacted the company but have not received a response. I also spoke with an employee that works there and was told that the ...

Pure Energy Window Company
Happy Homeowne

We asked Pure Energy Windows to give us presentation on their product. We had a couple windows with bad seals and wanted to replace them. We had already replaced nearly all of our windows at least once with warranty before the manufacture went out of business. We were looking for a company that made quality windows the first ...

Misleading advertising and pricing

I visited Georgetown HEB #2 today to "take advantage" of the Smoked Sausage Links and the accompanying four "free" items one gets when purchasing the Sausage. A great big sign on the display says "$4.57": Not so evident is in finer print, the sign continues to say, "per pound." I found this out when I was checking out and was ...