City: Germiston
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SA Post Office
Incompetent customer service

I have been waiting for a parcel from the UK for over a month now, and when it finally arrives at the Germiston Postal Hub, it's impossible to make contact. The phone will ring and be answered, only to be hung up on without any contact whatsoever. Well done to these corporate degenerates for being as useful as a grave digger in ...

Warranty problem from factory

On 2014/01/18 I bought a Nissan Qashqai 2 lt limited edition and since then the service off Nissan was very bad. They first take more than a month for my tow bar then they fit maybe after a month and then I was alway asking for nr plates and license then the salesman also take his time. On the 17 Dec 2014 I got home and my cars ...

Kia Motors South Africa
Window Visors not received

Good Day, kindly note that I have bought a Kia Rio Sedan TEC from Kia Germiston. As part of the extras was the Window Visors, however, since collection in November 2014, I have not received this part, rather only partial as they only fitted the front windows. I have been liaising with Jolene, (Sales Executive) who has been very ...

SA Post Office
Poor service

A parcel was mailed in Durban on 17/02/2015. Arrived at Witspos Hub on 19/02/2015. Received by Germiston Hub on 20/02/2015. Nobody answers phones. My local post office is very conveintly off line when I enquire the were about's of the parcel. ...