City: Gezina
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What a great salesman!

"In the dark tunnel of vehicle purchasing, a light appeared out of the low named John Barlow! Was it my skills or his expertise? Away I walk a very very happy man." Thanks for your propmt service and innovative assistance by giving me more then I expected for the second time! Thanks again John, you are definitly recommended to ...

Casbah Roadhouse
Disappointed clients

Unfortunately the manager does not upgrade the menu of Casbah Gezina. It happend for the third time yesterday that I ordered Spare Ribs and they couldnt help me "Sorry mam, we do not have Spare Ribs" I then tried to order Chicken and again "Sorry mam, we do not have chicken" I think this Casbah needs a new manager and enough ...

African Bank
Useless banking!

When i opened my african bank credit card i distinctly asked that the debit order be taken from my account on the last day of the month. Now i see that the debit order tried to go off from my account on the 25th of this month and failed because my salary was not yet paid into my account!!! Who the is going to pay for that ...

Car not been in good standard

I lost trust in this ppl. This ppl sold my brother a car and few weeks later dere was some problem with it and they took it to fix de problem but after 7 months de car now is having more problems. Almost a month now dey keep on promising to fix it and now no one want to take responsibility. This is the ppl which we need to ...


My car was in for repairs, I fetched My car on 20 Feb. When I got home, and had a look at my car, I discovered various work not done. I phoned the office at Gezina and we told Sandra is busy. I left various messages and also send an email with my complaints without any Response. I am not satisfied at all ...