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Wondercoat Wall & Roof Coatings
Always there to help

I am the owner of a pre school kiddies haven. The school was done by wondercoat 11 years ago, we all know the sales talk it will last for 10 years plus but i never thought this would be true. 3 years ago there were a small problem in one corner where the paint bubbled. They send some one out to have a look we realised that it ...


I bought a hero steak roll meal tonight. I asked for extra cheese. When I got home not only did it look disgusting there was no extra cheese!!! I got charged for it! Where do I post a pic? It tasted just as bad as it looks! R62 what a rip off!!! Sis steers!!! ...

Romans Pizza

Called in and placed my order. When I went to collect the order was wrong. When I complained all the staff started laughing and mocking me as soon asi turned my back. I am a paying customer and the person that helps pay there salaries every month. ...

Relay Tower in Koppie Road Glen Marais ex 18

As soon as there is an interruption of electricity, the UPS (UNInTERRUPTED POWER SUPPLY) batteries goes flat. I use a Walka 7 with the batteries fully charged. 10 minutes after power outage, no signal. I have repo rted it to dstv but they referred me to MTN Apparently dstv makes use of mtn to relay their signal. The same with ...

Telkom order 114298617 issue

I received a message from Telkom say they will install my new ADSL line 30 January 2015, I have put a days leave so someone is available when they install. I was waiting the whole day and my appointment was an morning appointment, I phoned Telkom 14:30 the afternoon asking when they will install. The call centre person told me ...

First National Bank
Deposit ATMs not working

I stay in glen marais and this is the 3rd time in a week that the security guard at the Fnb atm in glen marais informs us the ATMs aren't working. I have to deposit cash and can't as the arm isn't working, now I have to drive around Kempton park with the cash to go and find a atm. This is honestly pathetic service from Fnb ...