City: Glendale
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Jcpenney Portraits
Rude Customer Service

This on May 27, around noon. I was on my daily walk dressed in tennis shoes, sweats and a ball cap. I went into the photo studio in Glendale to look at the sample pictures and was asked by the clerk Prscilla if I needed help and I told her no, I'm just looking. I guess that wasn't good enough because she then asked me what I ...

American Web Loan
Action suit

We must fight ALL of the unreasonably high interest rate loans! If there is anything consumer protection agencies need to get involved, this is exactly where we need protection. American web loans is only one example. You never get to pay it off, if you need money right away, like I did, this is exactly what NOT to do... ...

Angies List
Unauthorized charge to my PayPal account

I purchased a subscription approximately a year ago. Without my knowledge or a notification, Angie's List charged my PayPal account for another year subscription. I'm reading over and over about people complaining about this with this company. If there was an option for recurring renewal... It was done in a sneaky way such as ...