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Roto Roote
Roto Rooter Rip Off

This past weekend, I found out the hard way that my main sewer line back to the street broke in my front yard. Of course insurance does not cover that. Thank God they covered the damage to the inside of my house caused by the backed up sewage that destroyed my basement. On to my (not) wonderful experience with Roto Rooter. I ...

From You Flowers

I ordered a nice arrangement and balloons for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, and all day I waited for a confirmation that it was sent. I constantly checked the "track your order" page, only ending up with the "Thank you for your order. We have not received a delivery confirmation from our florist." It was supposed to be ...

Premier Tech Support

I became suspicious after I saw their ad on my computer but I contacted them and bit on the scam. They have been calling me repeatedly asking me to call them at 1 888 708 4681 to finish their work. I have ignored their calls and messages. They are very difficult to understand. I called my credit card and they stopped payment of ...