City: Gonzales
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Tlg Great Fun
Cancellation Issues

I just called and spoke to "Mike" (sure that's not his real name) and tried to cancel membership due to i never set this up. Told him i wanted to cancel and he kept saying his little paragraphs in front of him and telling me about "crappy offers". I had to yell at him to cancel the account because everytime he would into his ...

Cox Communications
Cox Contour is horrible!

I know Cox was trying to keep up with satellite TV (hopper). However it was a very dumb move to release contour before it was ready and all the bugs worked out. Contour is absolutely horrible! It freezes up constantly a causes recording to be missed and then they want to charge you for shows you missed because it locked up. ...

Pinnacle Security
Fraudulent Service

I bought service fron a representative in 2010. I called to ask about transferring my service in 2011 to another home and was told it would not be a problem and they serviced the area to which I was moving. Not! They couldn't even service Louisiana. I was still being charged monthly while they "found a round about way to ...