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Screwed By Verizon Fios

April 23,2016 Mr. Prescott Barbash Department of Cable & Consumer Services County of Fairfax 12000 Government Center Parkway Fairfax, VA 22035 Dear Mr. Barbash, Verizon Account Number: 750-951-209-0001-46 I have received the latest bill from Verizon FIOS for the period ending April 15,2015. You will notice that Verizon ...

Carquest Auto Parts
Carquest Service and Mission

As an Ex-Employee of CARQUEST and now customer, I needed to tell people out there that the last post on CARQUEST being Racist, Etc. Completely False! I worked as a Salesman/Manager from 1986-2001. I and 20 some employees out of 2 stores in town were treated as if we were Fact ESOP. Which is employee stock ownership ...